Cavorting: to jump or move around in a playful way, sometimes noisily, and often in a sexual way…

Whether out at a club dancing, drinking with friends, watching football and singing the anthems, eating erotic Tapas with the love of your life or visiting a swingers club to expand the boundaries of a physical relationship, Cavorting is fun and many at believe it should be a national sport with an Olympic team for each country.

Blackpool could almost change its name to “CavortingVille” as this is one place adults can come out and play. Regardless of gender, sexuality, background or particular taste, this town has got everything you could ever need for a great time.

From amazing nightlife where dancing the night away is mandatory to the myriad Gay. Lesbian and Transgender venues that not only provide particular communities with top quality bars and clubs to meet like minded individuals and groups, but also provide some of the most fun filled entertainment for everyone.

Sir Basil Newby has brought a colour to Blackpool that could not have existed before he opened the Flamingo in the 1980’s, and with it he has brought fame to this seaside town for having some of the most unique and amazing nightlife in the UK. Not only the specific GLBT bars and clubs but also the World Famous Funny Girls drag entertainment venue housed within the old Odeon Cinema building where both blue collar and celebrities come together to laugh and be thoroughly entertained  by these beautiful “girls with a difference” both on stage and behind the bar.

For the stag and hen parties the choice of strip bars and karaoke bars / fun pubs are second only to major cities around the world and for those couples looking to spice up their love life there are more swingers clubs here in Blackpool than any other town in the UK. I hope you all have better luck than me as the last time I went to a wife swapping party I walked away with the keys to an old Ford Cortina.