Pleasure Beach Ice Skating Arena

The world famous Ice Arena.

The world famous Ice Arena is the oldest purpose built ice theatre in the world (as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records), and is the home of the world famous Hot Ice show.

The Arena has helped develop the talents of many British & International champions, including Robin Cousins, who performed in a gala at the Arena in 1980, the year he won Olympic Gold.

Every year the Arena hosts an Ice Skating Festival where children from around the country meet to enjoy the spirit of competition, click here for more information.

Skating is a national sport of Great Britain supported by the Sports Council and is a wonderful recreational pastime for families and friends. We at the Arena promote the national learn to skate programme Skate UK.

Discover a COOL way to spend your day at the purpose built 455 sq m ice rink with theatre seating so those who don’t wish to participate in skating can watch in comfort.

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